Registration Policy:

Once you register your player for any of our Camps, Spring Programs or Tryouts, your player’s spot is not locked in until payment is made in full. If the program you have registered for fills up, you run the risk of losing your player’s spot in that program to another player that registers and pays in full. You will be notified by email if this occurs.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Once you register and pay for your player to partake in any of our CAMPS, SPRING/SUMMER PROGRAMS & TRYOUTs, you will have 14 days where you can cancel and receive a full refund. (Full refund will only be given if request for refund falls outside the “30 days prior to Kick Off Policy)

If you request a refund after 14 days from the payment date, you will receive a 50% refund. You will only receive 50% refund if your request for refund comes after the 14 days from payment date and if request comes before the “30 days from Kick Off”

30 Days from Kick Off

If you request for a refund or the cancellation of your player in our program and it is within 30 days from kick off “30 days from program start date” No refund will be issued.

At any point players and parents can choose to keep a full credit on file and choose to move their player to a program of another date. Any cancellation of a camp, spring/summer program or tryout can only be credited against or towards any other Warrior camps, spring/summer programs or tryouts. It is not to be used to credit toward any of the Warrior PHL Program activities.

Warrior PHL Program:

Registration Policy:

Once your player is selected to any of our teams for the PHL Program through the tryout process, a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will be required to hold your spot. If you choose to walk away from the program at any point prior to season start. You will forfeit your deposit.

Deposits are equal to ⅓ of the program registration cost.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Through the season, should your player decide to leave the program, no refunds will be issued against any payments that have been made. Program and team budgets are counting on roster spots identified.

Removal of players from any of our Warrior Programs:

SHOULD YOUR PLAYER BE REMOVED from our program due to violation of camp policies and/or rules; if they are removed from our PHL program due to disciplinary, culture issues and/or violation of our program policies and guidelines as deemed by our disciplinary committee; NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED in any instance.

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