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Developing Not Only High-End Hockey Players but Leaders of Tomorrow

North Legacy Warrior programs are not only developed with the focus of creating the best players on the ice but also as important leaders of tomorrow.

With our unmatched progressive development plan, focus on community engagement, and rounded approach to giving your players the tools needed to be successful on the ice as well as away from the arena, North Legacy Warriors is the place to have your players grow.

Our Guiding Principles


Progressive Development

Our progressive development plan begins in U9 and builds in the commitment required and input toward the program offerings, leading you toward our U18 program, which prepares those invested in taking the steps toward Jr. hockey.


Building Leaders

Our program balances the needs of each age group to build well-rounded players on and off the ice. We bring in partners from all angles to give our players the tools to succeed in all areas.

The key is to mold individuals who are prepared for life—not just hockey.



While not all players will make the NHL, they will still become members of your community, including parents, coaches, and co-workers or leaders. Building character, learning how to deal with and push through adversity, and positively representing yourself are important.

Grand Prairie, Alberta Teams

AB U18

U18 NW AB Roster

AB U15

U15 NW AB Roster

Taylor, BC Teams

BC U18

U18 NE BC Warriors

BC U15

coming soon

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